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SurgiSeal® Features and Benefits

High-Strength 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate Formulation
Octyl-cyanoacrylate has the greatest clinical tensile strength among available tissue adhesives and a broader indication for clinical use.1
OctylFlex® Technology
Provides increased flexibility, contributes to patient comfort and helps preserve the integrity of the adhesive preventing premature sloughing.
Microbial Barrier and Water Resistant Protection
SurgiSeal adhesive protects patients by preventing bacteria and water from reaching the wound, reducing the chance of infection and allowing patients to shower the same day as the procedure.
Precision Applicator
SurgiSeal’s patented applicator is designed to provide greater coverage with less adhesive material and requires no catalyst to activate its adhesive properties. This self-contained applicator increases efficiency in the OR, can be used on multiple lacerations, and reduces waste.
Optimum Viscosity
The formula neither runs nor clogs, resulting in the right balance of effectiveness and efficiency every time.
Increased Patient Comfort
SurgiSeal adhesive reduces not only physical pain, but also the anxiety associated with needles used for anesthetic administration—especially for children. SurgiSeal adhesive also reduces the risk of needle stick injury for physicians and patients.
Speed of Application
The application and setting of SurgiSeal adhesive is at least three times faster than wound closure with sutures. In less than three minutes, SurgiSeal adhesive provides the strength of approximated healed tissue at seven days.
No Need For Suture Removal
SurgiSeal adhesive sloughs off the skin during the wound healing period (usually 5 to 10 days). Although physicians may want to check a healed wound after this time has elapsed, a follow-up visit for suture or staple removal is not required.
Ease Of Use
The finesse required to apply SurgiSeal adhesive is more easily and quickly learned than that for suturing. Although proper use of SurgiSeal is an easily acquired skill, physicians and licensed medical practitioners should be trained in its use to ensure optimal results.
SurgiSeal adhesive reduces the need for suture kits, wound dressings, anesthetic injections, syringes, and other instruments. In addition, the speed of SurgiSeal adhesive application and the elimination of a follow-up physician visit for suture removal can reduce overall treatment costs. SurgiSeal has superior clinical characteristics, yet is priced to provide broad accessibility addressing modern healthcare’s need for cost containment.
  1. Quinn, James V. Tissue Adhesives in Clinical Medicine. 2nd ed. Hamilton: BC Decker, 2005. Print.
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