About Adhezion

Adhezion Biomedical, LLC is a privately‐held medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of highly differentiated cyanoacrylate based surgical, wound management and infection prevention technologies. Founded in 2001, the company is based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

The vision of the Adhezion team is to redefine the way cyanoacrylate based surgical adhesives and sealants are used in medicine. Our mission is to provide technologies that achieve optimal patient outcomes. Adhezion currently is developing and commercializing cyanoacrylate‐based adhesives and sealants for use in professional and consumer healthcare settings. We specialize in products that provide solutions for four distinct healthcare segments; Surgical, Wound Management, Infection Prevention and Vascular Access. We have a robust product pipeline under development and several products that are being commercialized in the US and overseas markets.

Product Spotlight

SecurePortIV® adhesive

“It is gratifying for us to see SecurePortIV® catheter securement adhesive recognized for its valuable clinical benefits in such a short time since its launch and to watch it become a disruptive and essential technology in the field of vascular access.”

Pete Molinaro

Chairman and CEO

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Healthy & Happy Patients

Mission and Vision

Adhezion is focused on producing the highest quality professional medical and consumer health products in an effort to provide the best possible patient clinical results. We will strive to provide superior service and products to professionals, patients and consumers alike, while building an innovative medical device company.

Our Vision is to create an exciting and successful biomedical company that develops exciting new wound closure, wound care and surgical drape sealant products. We will endeavor to explore new materials, formulations and technologies to produce new medical products that provide superior modalities to heal and close wounds, treat disease and prevent infection.


Our Professional Products group concentrates on the development and commercialization of cyanoacrylate products for use in wound closure and wound care within a broad range of surgical and medical disciplines. These products address the needs of acute and non-acute hospital markets, surgery centers and physician office-based markets and in a large number of specialties including the long-term care market and vascular access. 


Corporate Headquarters – Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA
Adhezion's headquarters are in Wyomissing, PA. Our contemporary work environment inspires teamwork and innovation.

One Meridian Blvd., Suite 1B02
Wyomissing, PA 19610